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software house

What questions should you ask when talking to a software house?

Okay, so you have the right software house in hand. You skimmed and then you did some research on them (and also some more!) and finally decided upon the lucky candidate. That is truly an awesome first step. A big hurdle removed, between you and your completed app (think: ongoing downloads 24/7). So this is the sacred place where you realise your creative dreams (and hopefully financial independence).

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Planning a mobile app

Planning a Mobile App

Think of that ecstatic moment when you knew exactly what you need in your app. Or the moment when you had a great technological breakthrough. The moment when you could visualize very clearly the number of your app downloads and the resulting ROI figure.

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app development process

App development process

Did you know, a whopping eight apps are launched daily for the iOS and Android devices? Certainly, the rise of the apps in the mobile phone scenario has invaded the attention of many traditional entrepreneurs.

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app promotion

App promotion – How to promote an application for free?

Have you ever heard of a free service for app promotion? Neither have we! Nothing is free in this world, as we know it. Definitely not in the app world. But if there is something that is cost-effective in the app world, then it is the app promotion activities.

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Tech stack for mobile app

How to choose the best tech stack for your application?

What’s a tech stack? Why do you need to know about it? How does it affect the future of your mobile app? Choosing the right tech stack is one of the most crucial decisions for app development. It has a great impact on the future and growth of the company.

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