Our foundations

Principles we take pride in.

  1. person person person

    You can’t be successful without successful clients

    Whether you are a start-up or a multinational in need of an app, we relentlessly focus on your needs and develop the application that actually meets them.

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    Transparency is king

    We’re upfront about any problems. We hold no secrets, inside or out. Nothing is left to conjecture.
    Our clients are always up to speed on what we’re doing, including the progress, the costs etc.

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    Processes are the foundation of our company

    We stand against what holds all small companies back: the lack of processes.
    With the right processes in place, the effects of our work are predictable and measurable.
    Critical (core) and non-critical (additional) activities of our company are formalized, as is our cooperation with others.

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    Commitment to improve

    We are committed to continually improve our processes and the way we work.
    Considerable part of our time is spent improving the ways we do things. We strive for shorter processes and better quality.
    We dynamically adapt to the changing environment and market conditions. We create criteria for assessment and remuneration. We cut costs by designing better processes.

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    Long-term goals over immediate gain

    We always put strategic, long-term goals and success of our clients over easy, immediate gains.
    We understand that strong and lasting relationships with satisfied clients are the foundations of business advantage.
    When planning our next steps, we’ve always looked beyond the immediate 2-3 years. We aim to create a company that would last for decades.

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    We use only the best tools

    We have the right processes in place to help us achieve all the goals of the Codex. We invest in whatever tools there to make us more efficient and deliver better quality.
    If the tool does not exist, we create it. Since processes are at the heart of everything we do, we employ modern practices like: Lean Startup, Agile, Scrum and management, HR.
    We know how to make technology work to our advantage and shorten the development process.

  7. education education education

    We educate leaders, people who understand their job, our philosophy and the meaning of our work to clients.

    It has always been our goal to create a company that not only provides services, but also stands for certain values.
    We believe in personal development and are always ready to invest in the people who share our commitment to excellence

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    We treat colleagues, suppliers, business partners and clients equally, just as if they were members of the team, and not employees of other companies

    The understanding of the rules of the Codex should by extension apply to the whole supply chain, and include all the companies involved in the development process, from suppliers to clients.

  9. safe safe safe

    Information security is critical

    We treat information security with utmost importance. We have the right practices and protection tools in place. Our clients can leave their commercially sensitive information with us and rest assured everything is in good hands.

  10. There are less than ten rules

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