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Startup Founder

We have been part of the startup community for a long time. We’ve created wearable devices, a community of stores and a large video based service. Aside from that, we have worked on tens of projects for our clients.

Utilizing the lean startup methodology and our technical background, we can smoothly go from a concept to a product, one which will be in demand.
The challenges we can help you with:

  • We will help you select most suitable technological solutions, which will allow you to test your idea so that you can learn if you found the right product-market fit
  • We will develop a price strategy for your SaaS product
  • We can help you create a strategy for entering the target market
  • We optimize development cost to make the financing from your investors last longer, or so that you can spend the funds on other things
  • We will help you build a sales structure for your product
  • We will help you attract your first users
  • We will prepare a pitch deck or reports for your investor

Kickstarter Creator

We have experience in manufacturing the hardware required to go from concept to production in cooperation with a manufacturer in China.

We are also ready to work anonymously.
The challenges we can help you with:

  • We work under NDAs, completely anonymously
  • We have developed processes and procedures of information management, which allow for your innovative solutions to remain under protection
  • We will help you estimate a realistic funding goal necessary to carry out you project
  • We will help you launch campaigns on crowdfunding sites
  • We will help you adapt your project or concept to the Hardware and Product Design Project Guidelines
  • We will create a prototype of you application or device
  • We will develop your firmware
  • We will help you define the risks and challenges of your product

IT Manager

Your brand / company wants to go mobile, but you don’t know how to do it? We have the ability to work with large clients, like Coca-Cola or Johnson & Johnson, but we also help small businesses to utilize mobile technologies, obtain new revenue streams and/or help gain and/or retain customers.

We will help you with the following challenges:

  • Based on our experience gained while working with over 200 projects we will tell you when it is not a good idea and when our services are of no value to you
  • Based on our experience gained while working with over 200 projects we will tell you when it is not a good idea and when our services are of no value to you
  • We will create a prototype of your application or a complete mobile solution
  • We will teach you and tell you how you can get the results you expect
  • We will help you attract your first users
  • We will help you define the risks and challenges within your project
  • We will help you prepare a presentation and reports for the board.

Marketing Manager

The world of IT is changing fast—what is cutting edge today will become legacy technology tomorrow.

We have qualified staff who can work for you and your projects. They know how to find their way in the environment of large and responsible undertakings: we have created banking apps for the largest Polish bank; we are also able to work with agile methodologies and are not afraid of a challenge.
Here’s what we can do for you:

  • We work under NDAs as well as anonymously
  • We apply information flow processes and procedures that will keep your or your clients’ information well protected
  • We can work from your headquarters, be that London, Denmark, Qatar, or New York
  • We are able to quickly prototype solutions or implement long-term solutions (of a year or more)
  • We can train your team in the application of the principles of Agile
  • We have experience gained while working with large IT corporations (we have cooperated with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, among others)

Digital Agency

These days, agencies are ever more often forced to act under the pressure of advancing technologies, new challenges and client expectations. We have a rich experience earned while working with network agencies (DDB, Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett), as well as smaller creative boutiques.

We know how to solve your problems:

  • We remain in constant touch - via Slack, Skype or telephone
  • Thanks to utilizing agile methodologies, we keep our word and stick to deadlines
  • We report the status on the regular basis
  • We provide quick fixes after implementation and SLA
  • We work FAST
  • We’re able to work both, within the budget and under time pressure
  • We can work within an NDA, or anonymously
  • We have processes and procedures for information flow, that will render your innovative solution secure
  • We’ll help you define risks and challenges in a project
  • We’ll help you develop a strategy for entering a particular market

We have success stories to share. See how we did some of the projects we’re most proud of.

Tell us about your project and we will choose an appropriate case study from our portfolio and discuss it with you during a 15-minute, non-binding teleconference.

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