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Fixed Price


We are an orchestra of super-skilled musicians who will play anything you throw at us. Provided you know what you want to play, in the first place. We know how to read music so you don’t have to.

When it works well?

Fixed price is most effective when the scope of work and schedule are precisely laid down, and the project requires minimal supervision on the client’s end.

Should I go for it?

There is no reason why you shouldn’t, but remember: this model yields best results when working with a trusted, reliable partner to a precise road map.

Fixed price is a good approach for those clients who do not have relevant expertise in particular area, or the project itself calls for a more specialized provider. It does not like variables.


Time & Material


We are a world-class jazz band, and you are a musician joining us for a concert. We do not know what tune we’re going to play, but we all know how to improvise. Whether it turns out nicely, is partly on you.

When it works well?

The time and material billing method is useful when the exact scope, timeframe and size of the project is difficult to predict at launch.

Should I go for it?

Time and materials empowers the client more and maximizes his participation in the project. New elements can be freely added in the process, which offers more flexibility.

Time and material works best when your company has the competence and workforce to oversee the development process and control the quality of work.

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