Asus Run

Promotional endless runner

Technologies used:

  • Unity 3D
  • Windows Mobile
  • Windows Phone
  • Warp speed development

Background info

Asus Run is a mobile game created to promote a new line of ASUS tablets. The manufacturer collaborated with startups to develop a game that would allow participants to compete with each other, win valuable prizes and find out that ASUS products meet the requirements of one of the most demanding target groups: gamers.

Key features
  • Endless runner created in Unity 3D
  • Collect score and win prizes
  • Game inspired by Tron Legacy

Note from Darek – our developer

Developing games intended to be played on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, is quite the challenge. The main difficulty is adjusting the capabilities of low-performance devices to the game’s high requirements.

Our goal was to create an app that would run smoothly (which is imperative in game development) without a risk of crashing at the toughest part, which is often when the device needs the most power. We did it. Both the devices and the gamers passed the test with flying colours.

Our expectations and the intended purpose of the app were understood perfectly. The game worked flawlessly with the device, allowing us to successfully present our new product line.