Walking with Dinosaurs: Patchi’s Journey

Game for BBC

Technologies used:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Unity 3D

Background info

Go on an incredible interactive Walking with Dinosaurs journey, with the official children’s app, Patchi’s Journey. Bringing to life the epic family motion picture, you can now play, learn and create with Patchi, the hero of the 3D movie, and even print out paper models of the film’s characters to fold and make up stories of your own.

Patchi’s Journey is based on the epic Christmas family movie Walking with Dinosaurs: The Movie. Young dinosaur fans will love getting to know the film’s hero Patchi even better, helping him lead the herd.

The interactive moments in Patchi’s Journey utilise the users’ senses and all of the amazing features available on your iPad, iPhone or iPod. Users can view the world through Patchi’s eyes after helping him hatch from his egg. You’ll follow the dinosaurs adventures guiding the herd’s migration, roar to scare away predators, help Patchi to eat for the first time and dodge the stinky breath of the villainous gorgosaur.

Key features
  • Help Patchi break out: Help Patchi hatch from his egg... but watch out for the dinosaur puke
  • Make music with Patchi: Help Patchi to make friends by playing a cool whistling tune
  • Protect the herd from predators: Chase predatory dinosaurs away and lead the herd to safety through strange and dangerous lands
  • Roar at the Gorgosaurus: Bellow into the microphone and make enough noise to scare away predators
  • Collect and build dinosaur models: Collect and build printable 3D dinosaur figures and watch the prehistoric world invade your home
  • Experience Patchi's story: Follow the adventures of Patchi and his friends in vibrant story scenes based on the movie
  • Learn about dinosaurs: Every time you meet a new dinosaur, you'll learn fun facts about the way they lived