What we do


If there is a word for it, we do it.


Mobile apps

We develop iOS and Android native and hybrid mobile apps tailored to the needs of our clients.



You have an amazing app or business? Give it the clothes it deserves, let people know about it!



We can help you create fluid and responsive web apps that perform and look great on every device.



We develop reliable Software-as-a-Service solutions for a variety of use cases.


Cloud solutions

We integrate efficient cloud solutions into the products we develop. We are also Heroku partner.



We build bespoke, multi-device, cross-platform e-commerce solutions to help you sell your products online.



We integrate bitcoin payments into your website platforms.



With us on your side you can rest assured the device prototype for your project will have the proper firmware and components.


We operate at the interface of art and programming.


Web & mobile

We create web and mobile apps to cater to some of our most demanding clients.


User experience

We craft beautiful, usable and efficient interfaces and understand the specifics of every form factor, whether it is a mobile phone, desktop or tablet.



We build lo-fi prototypes within 2-3 weeks of receiving product specification to give you a taste of the final version of the application.

Strategy & Consulting

To optimize your cost and make sure every penny is well spent, we offer a range of consulting services.


Business Model

We help you decide on the right business model to most efficiently monetize your future user base.
We will talk you through the advantages and pitfalls of freemium, subscription, paid download and in-app advertising and come up with the model that best fits your business needs.


Product Spec

Before getting down to the development process, we detail the product's intended capabilities, appearance, and possible interactions with users.
This is a kind of road map and reference for the developers writing the actual working application.



We build lo-fi prototypes within 2-3 weeks of receiving product specification to give you a taste of the final version of the application.
From there, we can introduce critical design changes or move on to the development process.



We will build your minimum viable product, and deliver a working app in just 3-4 months, functional and ready to be shown to your clients and potential investors.
We start with a list of features, functions, requirements, and design elements and turn them into a workable.


Landing Page

We create beautiful landing pages, microsites, and blogs that will complement your marketing strategy and align tightly to the design of your app.


Investor Materials

We help startups create and refine their investor materials to deliver beautiful, successful pitches and develop effective capital raise strategies.


Idea Validation

Rushing from idea right to implementation may cost you a lot of money.
We are here to stop it from happening. We offer validation services to check if there are people ready to pay for the product you are planning to offer.


Growth Hacking

If your true north is growth, we can share a tip or two.
We will help you make the most of your social media presence, SEO and Google analytics to get your app noticed or make it viral at little or no cost.


Fixed Price

Fixed price is most effective when the scope of work and schedule are precisely laid down, and the project requires minimal supervision on the client’s end.


Time & Material

The time and material billing method is useful when the exact scope, timeframe and size of the project is difficult to predict at launch.

We have success stories to share. See how we did some of the projects we’re most proud of.

Tell us about your project and we will choose an appropriate case study from our portfolio and discuss it with you during a 15-minute, non-binding teleconference.

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